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The most important thing to know is that all that we do remains natural-looking and invisible for strangers. Also Your friends and family will see that Your hair look great and full, but they will not notice any bondings or difference between Your own hair and added hair. We obtain this with using personalized solutions for every single client and matching identic hair structure and color – You start with FREE* consultation, followed by preparation of Your hair for service – it is included into total service cost – and preparation of hair extensions for You. The only services that are excluded from total cost are color (optional – only on client’s request) and/or sophisticated haircut/hairstyle.

Book Your FREE* consultation now – call +48 508-091-281 to make an appointment – You may schedule consultation and extensions service for just one visit as we have all of the hair in-stock!

*the consultation is FREE with any hair extensions, hair thickening or hair supplementation service; otherwise the consultation fee is 50PLN, i.e. c.a. 12EUR

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