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If Your hair used to be long and thick and now You want to bring that back or You have always dreamt about full fabulous hair, You came to the right place. We provide hair extensions services basing on 25 methods – from basic, like keratin hair extensions and microrings hair extensions, through ultrasonic hair extensions and skin-weft hair extensions, to most advanced methods of hair extensions – LASER EXTEND and Infralight. Below You can find list of methods with few words on most popular methods among our customers plus some pictures as sometimes one picture can replace a thousand words.

  1. Keratin system / Balmain Hair Fill-In Extensions
  2. Microrings system
  3. Easy-Loop system
  4. Skin-Weft / Balmain Hair Easy Volume & Easy Lenght Extensions
  5. Ultrasonic device
  6. LASER EXTEND (micro-bonds and nano-bonds)
  7. Infralight (micro-bonds and nano-bonds)
  8. Integration system – micro-net
  9. Integration system – micro-skin
  10. Balmain Hair DoubleHair
  11. Laserbeamer Hairdreams
  12. Microlinks
  13. Shrinkies
  14. Kerawax
  15. Hot-pot
  16. Keratin gun / RACOON
  17. Japanese plait
  18. 3D plait
  19. Tissage
  20. Clip-on/Clip-in
  21. Balmain Hair HairDress
  22. Balmain Hair Volume Secret
  23. Balmain Hair ColorFlash
  24. Balmain Hair Elegance/Glamour Hair Clip-On
  25. TopHair Hairdreams

Book Your FREE* consultation now – call +48 508-091-281 to make an appointment – You may schedule consultation and extensions service for just one visit as we have all of the hair in-stock!

To inform You about the cost – simple service with little hair added is about 150-250EUR, standard service is around 250-350EUR on standard methods and 350-550EUR on advanced methods, service where much hair is added (more than 150 strands or 40 tapes or 100g of hair) is around 500-1000EUR. The price is fixe dat the beggining of the service – right after consultation.

We use only top quality hair extensions – virgin Polish hair, euro hair and Balmain Hair. On special request (2 visits needed) we also provide other types of hair, like Hairdreams, Great Lenghts and other.

We accept PLN, EUR, USD, GBP, credit cards and PayPal.

*the consultation is FREE with any hair extensions, hair thickening or hair supplementation service; otherwise the consultation fee is 50PLN, i.e. c.a. 12EUR

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